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Hosting Tips for an Easy Backyard BBQ

By stacy ling

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Hosting a backyard BBQ and want to make things easy for yourself so you can actually enjoy the party. Follow these simple tips for a stress-free summer cookout. 

As the host of a casual backyard BBQ, it’s essential to keep things  simple and stress-free for yourself so you can enjoy the day too.

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Even if you are gathering for a summer holiday like Memorial Day or  Father’s Day, they are not one of those high-stress holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Because summer barbecues are pretty easy to throw and pull together. So follow these tips for a stress-free summer barbecue.

Serve everything potluck style and create a self-serve bar.

Plan and prepare everything in advance.

Ask guests to bring a dish. You don't need to cook everything!

Keep the menu simple with easy dishes you can pull together in a pinch.  And even better if you can prepare them ahead of time!

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Follow along to see more backyard BBQ ideas for summer.

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