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Looking for easy ways to get rid of weeds? There are lots of simple ways to suppress or kill weeds without the work or use of herbicides. This post shares some easy solutions plus a simple recipe for homemade weed killer that works!

5 Easy Ways to Kill Weeds

Boiling Water

Propane Torch

Rubbing Alcohol Solution

 Corn Gluten

Recipe for Homemade Weed Killer

What You Need

Minimal ingredients are needed to make this simple homemade weed killer recipe

How to Make This Homemade Weed Killer Recipe

• Mix vinegar, salt and dish soap in gallon container.

On a bright sunny day with no wind, saturate weed plant, foliage, stem, and base well.

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And in a few hours...

It will start to brown out

And after 24 hours...


And eventually die

Important Note About This Homemade Weed Killer Recipe!

It is non-selective so it will kill everything around it

So be sure to protect plants and other living things around it that you don't want to kill!