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Growing Heuchera Plant 

By stacy ling

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Looking for an easy-care plant that adds color and texture to the garden all season long? Learn how to grow and care for heuchera plant with these simple tips. 

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About Heuchera Plant Heuchera, also known as coral bells, Coral Bells are known to grow well in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 9. The common name, coral bells, refers to the plant’s bell-shaped flowers.

It is most known for its striking foliage as the color ranges from shades  of green to deep purples, bronzes, silvers, and oranges. And some  varieties have multicolored or variegated leaves, adding to their visual  appeal.

They are a great alternative to chrysanthemums with their easy-care nature and beautiful season long color that is unmatched in the fall.

Well-Draining Soil Heuchera plants prefer well-draining soil that slightly acidic and is not waterlogged. Amend heavy clay soils with organic matter, like compost and leaf mold, can help improve drainage.

Planting Pansies Sun-to-Part Shade Coral Bells prefer a  sun-to-part-shade location. I’ve got a few in some shadier spots and  they do well as long as the soil drains. In my zone 6a garden, they do  best in part-shade.

Planting Coral Bells In general, space heucheras about about 12-18  inches apart to allow for proper air circulation. Then, dig a hole the same depth as the root ball and twice as wide. Place the plant in the hole and backfill it with garden soil. Water well  and keep it hydrated until it establishes.

Watering and Fertilizing Water regularly to keep the soil consistently moist but not soggy. During dry spells, and provide extra water if necessary. The plant doesn't need fertizlier, instead of fertilizing focus on good soil quality by amending it yearly with organic matter.

Mulch Apply a 2-4 inch layer of mulch around the base of the plant to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

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Follow along to learn more about growing heuchera plant.

Gardening Tips & Tricks

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Gardening Tips & Tricks