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Festive Christmas Charcuterie Board Wreath

By stacy ling

Quick and Easy Recipes

Transform your dining table into a winter wonderland with this easy-to-assemble Christmas charcuterie board wreath that is super easy to make!

Ingredients and Supplies - Salami, pepperoni, etc. - Cheese assortment - Cherry Tomatoes - Roasted red peppers - Black and Green Olives - Marinated artichokes - Mini pickles - Rosemary sprigs - Large Toothpicks

Gather all of your antipasto ingredients.

Prepare the cheeses and meats that need slicing or cubing.

Skewer ingredients onto large toothpicks. Avoid making them all the same so the charcuterie wreath doesn’t look flat.

Then arrange the antipasto skewers into a wreath shape on a round platter or serving board.

Tuck in fresh rosemary sprigs to make it look like a Christmas wreath.

Store in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve guests.

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Follow along to more about making a Christmas charcuterie board.

Quick and Easy Recipes

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