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Easy Naked Cake With Fresh Flowers

By stacy ling

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Looking for a dessert that is simple to make, tastes great, and  looks amazing? Wait until you try this semi-homemade naked cake with  flowers.

A naked cake is a rustic, elegant cake that is left unfrosted or partially frosted.

If you are in a pinch and want to whip something up quickly that looks pretty and tastes good, then this cake recipe is for you.

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Thoroughly wash and dry edible flowers and herbs. Flowers must be organically grown and on the edible list to use on this cake.

While you can use your favorite yellow cake and buttercream icing recipes, it's quicker and easier to go with a box mix and tub of icing. Trust me the cake will be amazing when it's done!

Mix the ingredients well and bake according to directions. Make enough for at least 3 layers of cake.

Allow the cake layers to completely cool. Then start icing.

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When the cake is iced to your liking, dress it up with fresh flower, herbs, or even berries to make it organically beautiful.

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Follow along to learn more making this cake and how to use fresh flowers

Quick and Easy Recipes

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