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DIY Christmas Pots For the Porch

By stacy ling

Easy Christmas Ideas

Transform your front porch into a festive winter wonderland with this easy step-by-step Christmas Pots tutorial.

Supplies Needed – Fresh-cut evergreens (different varieties) – Winter decor like ribbons, berries, colored branches, etc. – Pruners – Gloves – Potting Soil – Outdoor planters

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Christmas Greenery for Planters – boxwood – cedar branch – juniper – holly – rhododendron – balsam – frasier fir – andromeda – white pine

Container Design Thriller, Filler, and Spiller Technique If your Christmas pots will rest against the house, don’t worry about  the fullness of the back. If you are placing yours in a location where you will see all sides, make sure your design is full all around.

Start with the thriller branches that will add height and drama. I used  balsam greens and fanned them out. When stuffing, make it look as  symmetrical as you can.

To create fullness, add filler branches like these variegated  boxwoods. As you  add the filler,  tuck in more balsam branches too.  

For the spiller, I used cedar branches tucking them in so they could drape over the edges of the urns. When the spiller looked full enough, I continued to add more filler greens to the urns to get more fullness, color, and texture.

To complete the look, I added a large red faux berry sprig and oversized pinecone. When you think you are finished, it’s important to stand back and make sure it looks symmetrical. If you are making two that are the same,  put them next to each other to make sure they look similar.

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Follow along to learn more about how to make Christmas pots and decorate your porch for the holidays.

Easy Christmas Ideas

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