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Common Paper Bag Snowflake DIY Mistakes

By stacy ling

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Paper bag snowflake fail? ❄️ Don't let glue globs & wonky cuts ruin your winter fun! Learn the secrets to flawless flakes here and avoid these common pitfalls when making them.

Mistake #1: Cutting Too Close to the Bottom Remember that seam at the bottom of the paper bag?  Cutting too close to it (or worse, into it!) is a recipe for disaster. Stick to snipping above the seam, and your  snowflake will remain structurally sound even after a playful gust of  wind.

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Mistake #2: The Symmetry Struggle Achieving perfectly symmetrical snowflakes can be tricky, especially  if you’re freehanding your cuts. But there are ways to tame the chaos!  Focus on creating clean cuts in the bags to ensure your snowflake emerges with twin arms and equal-sized branches. 

Mistake #3: Glue Gone Rogue Glue is fantastic, but overzealous application can turn your  snowflake into a sticky mess. Resist the urge to slather it on like frosting on a cake! Remember, less is more when it comes to glue-ifying  your frosty masterpiece.

Mistake #5: The Gooey Glue Trap Choosing the wrong glue can turn your snowflake craft session into a  sticky situation (literally!). While Elmer’s might be your go-to glue  buddy, it’s not the best match for making paper bag snowflakes. Do yourself a favor, and use a hot glue gun!

Mistake #6: The Tangled Thread Trap You've crafted a stunning snowflake, and now it's time to showcase it! But before you grab the string, take a moment to consider its placement. Try a strategic corner placement or even thread two strings diagonally to create a balanced, hanging masterpiece.

Mistake #7: The Handle Havoc & Thickness Trap Not all paper bags are created equal, especially when it comes to crafting frosty masterpieces. Brown or white lunch bags work best. They're the perfect balance of sturdiness and flexibility, offering a clean-cut canvas for your snowflake artistry.

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Follow along to learn more about making paperbag snowflakes and how to avoid the same mistakes I made.

Easy Christmas Ideas

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