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Christmas Kissing Ball DIY

By stacy ling

Easy Christmas Ideas

Skip the mistletoe and DIY your own beautiful Christmas kissing ball using fresh greens and holiday decor. Learn how to make one with this simple step-by-step tutorial.

Supplies Needed – Round Floral Foam Sphere – Thick, Sturdy Wire – Popsicle Stick or Sturdy Stick – Ribbon – Evergreens (like pine, juniper and holly) – Additional Accents like berries or pinecones (optional)

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Soak the floral foam ball until it is moist.

To secure the ball on the hanging wire and hold the weight of the greens,  run the wire all the way through the center of the ball. The best way  to do this is by taking a skewer, thin stick, or screwdriver and driving  it through the sphere to make a lane for the wire.

To anchor the sphere on the base so it doesn’t just drop off, wrap that  wire around a popsicle stick or very sturdy branch from the landscape at  the bottom so the stick lays perpendicular and supports the ball when  hung. Don’t let the stick be much longer than the width of the sphere.

Next, make a loop of wire at the top to make hanging the ball easier.

Then cut greens of equal length on a 45-degree angle and remove the foliage that will be stuck in the ball. Fill the ball by adding the cut ends into the spheres and randomly keep adding greens until it is full.

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At the top of the kissing ball, tie the ribbon, and hang it. If you want  to hang the ribbon from the bottom, you can do that too!

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Follow along to learn more about how to make a Christmas Kissing Ball

Easy Christmas Ideas

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