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Best Light Conditions for Growing Aloe Plant 

By stacy ling

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Not sure where to grow aloe plant in your home? Learn how to know whether your aloe plant is getting too much or too little sunlight with these simple tips.

Aloe Vera Plant Care: Light Requirements When growing them indoors as houseplants, aloe vera plants need  bright, indirect sunlight. This means that they should be placed in an  area that receives plenty of light, but not too much direct sunlight because it can burn your plant.

Here are some signs that your aloe vera plant is not getting enough light: – The leaves are pale and green. – The plant is stretching out and becoming leggy. – The plant is not producing new offsets.

Here are some signs that your aloe vera plant is getting too much light: – The leaves are sunburned and brown. – The plant is wilting and drooping. – The edges of the leaves are crispy and dry.

How to Adjust Light Conditions for Your Aloe Vera Plant If you think your aloe vera plant is not getting enough light, simply  move it to a brighter location. 

If you think it is getting too much  light, move it to a shadier spot in your home. 

You can also adjust the  light conditions by using a sheer curtain or shade cloth to filter the  sunlight.

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Follow along to learn more about how to grow aloe plants.

Gardening Tips and Tricks

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