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7 Guidlelines for Adding Flowers to a Cake

By stacy ling

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While it is generally safe to put fresh flowers on a cake, certain precautions should always be taken. Here's what you need to know.

Only use edible flowers. Know the flowers before you use them 

Always wash them thoroughly before use.

Remove non-edible parts that include leaves, thorns, or stems from the  flowers, and use only the petals or blooms for decoration.

Use food-safe flower picks and make sure you attach flowers securely

Use flowers sparingly. When using fresh flowers on a cake, less is often more.

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If you are serving a cake decorated with fresh flowers, let your guests  know they are for decoration only and are not meant to be consumed.

Take into consideration any potential food allergies or sensitivities of your guests when using fresh flowers on a cake.

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Follow along to learn more making this cake and how to use fresh flowers

Quick and Easy Recipes

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